Watch: China launches world's fastest train, capable of travelling at 350 km/h



Associated Press

China has launched the world's fastest train, Fuxing, on the Beijing-Shanghai line.

The futuristic looking train will travel between Beijing and Shanghai in 4.5 hours.
Source: Associated Press

Two Fuxings, (meaning rejuvenation in Chinese), yesterday pulled off respectively from Beijing and Shanghai, heading in the opposite directions at a speed of 350 kilometres per hour.

It cuts the travel time between the two cities from 5 hours to 4.5.

Fuxing is comfortable to ride in as it has free Wi-Fi, more power sockets, USB ports and a wider legroom.

The train has more than 2500 sensors, 500 more than in the previous models, capable of collecting real-time information from all carriages.

If an abnormality occurs in the cooling, braking or air-conditioning systems, the alarms would sound and, if necessary, the train would slow down or simply stop on its own.

The new train is equipped with advanced shock absorption and crash prevention devices to prevent carriages and facilities from being damaged.

Fuxing has a designed service life of 30 years, 10 years more than the existing models, and consumes 10 percent less power when running at 350 kilometres per hour.

China has for over a decade learned from developed countries in building a world-class high-speed railway system.

Now the country can design and manufacture the system all on its own and it has held a full range of intellectual property rights for making Fuxing.

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