Watch: Check out the mind-blowing new bendable screen technology coming out of China



Associated Press

The fourth World Internet Conference (WIC) has lived up to its expectation by introducing a worldwide breakthrough showcasing a China-made flexible screen which bends both ways.

The flexible screens are expected to be used in mobile phones and other products in the coming years.
Source: Associated Press

The screen glued many eyes to it when the conference and its concurrent sci-tech expo convened on Sunday in the town of Wuzhen in east China's Zhejiang Province.

The wearability of this flexible screen is no productive fluke to just hype up the Wuzhen conference and exposition. It has withstood well over 100,000 mechanical bends with either an inward radius of 3 millimetres or an outward radius of 5 millimetres.

It is designed to fit on future wearable smart phones and soft displays of VR head pieces.

"We expect the flexible screens you've just seen to reach thousands of end-users of mobile phones in two or three years," said Yan Ruoyuan, an exhibitor at the WIC exposition.

The ongoing WIC runs till the end of today in the Chinese water town.

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