Watch: Celebrations continue around the globe as the world welcomes 2019

Crowds continue to gather, celebrate and revel at fireworks today as 2018 transitions to 2019 across the globe.

France welcomed the new year with a laser show and fireworks on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, while Moscow greeted the arrival of 2019 with traditional fireworks near the Kremlin - with people watching the celebrations from nearby bridges and riverbanks.

In the United Arab Emirates, fireworks crackled at Dubai's Burj Khalifa as hundreds of thousands of spectators gathered downtown. There were cheers from the crowd as fireworks illuminated the iconic 828-metre-tall building – the world’s tallest - and shot into the night sky.

Revellers in Athens, Greece, braved bad weather to watch a fireworks display over the Acropolis, and many countries in Asia also held grand celebrations.

In Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, performances were staged at the Kim Il Sung Square. The Tower of Juche Idea was decorated and staged a dazzling fireworks performance. Families walked out on the streets to greet each other and enjoy the breathtaking view.

New Zealand was the first nation in the world to ring in 2019. Source: 1 NEWS

In Japan's port city of Yokohama, all ships blew horns to announce the beginning of the new year, while more than 3000 fireworks lit up the sky. Tens of thousands of tourists gathered.

People in South Korea celebrated in a more traditional way - by gathering at the Bosingak, a famous bell pavilion in Seoul, to strike the bell and greet the new year.

A celebration in north China's Tianjin Municipality provided attendees with traditional snacks and artwork, as well as a cutting-edge drone performance. Residents were also able to experience VR technology and watch performances on the streets.

Crowds continue to celebrate as the new year kicks off overseas. Source: Associated Press