Watch: Burst water main blasts houses, turns UK street into raging torrent




Startling video has emerged of a destructive burst water main in Britain blasting a house, smashing windows and turning a street into a torrent of water.

The video has been published today by the Daily Mail which reports the jet of water blasted houses near a roundabout in the city of Derby after the pipe burst in the early hours of Sunday.

Witnesses said two women were helped out of one house by neighbours but a family had to be rescued by firefighters after they struggled to escape with the water pounding their home.

Teacher Rosie Burton, 31, who lives nearby, said she heard "loud rumbling" just before a "banging".

"I went outside and there was just a massive river flowing down the street. I looked to the right of me and there was just this huge fountain," she said.

"All the windows were smashed - the sheer force of the water, it's taken off roof tiles, taken up driveways - it was absolute carnage."

A car in a driveway was also damaged.

The video shows a huge spout of water hitting a house with full force at night-time, and the street completely flooded.

Daylight shots show less water coming from the pipe, and the street still awash.

A spokesman for Severn Trent Water said engineers would work around the clock to fix the pipe.

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