Watch: British PM Theresa May launches blistering attack on Russia, says it's 'highly likely' it was responsible for poisoning ex-spy and daughter with nerve agent



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British Prime Minister Theresa May says the Russian ex-spy poisoned in England was exposed to a military-grade nerve agent of type produced by Russia.

The nerve agent has been identified as Novichok, and is known to have been made in Russia.
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May told lawmakers during an address in parliament today it was "highly likely' Russia was responsible for poisoning Sergei Skripal, the former Russian military intelligence officer who was convicted of spying for Britain.

May says Russia's ambassador to the UK has been summoned to explain how a Russian nerve agent turned up in Salisbury, the English city where Skripal and his adult daughter were sickened.

The nerve agent used in the attack – Notichok - is linked to Russia.
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The British prime minister says if Moscow is proven to be behind the poisoning, her government will consider it an "unlawful use of force" by Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Britain should figure out what happened to ex-spy Sergei Skripal before blaming the poisoning on Russia.

Asked by a British reporter in southern Russia if Russia was behind the poisoning, Putin said in comments carried by Russian news wires: "You first get to the bottom of things over there, and after that we can discuss it."

Skripal is a former Russian military intelligence officer who was convicted of spying in Britain and released from prison as part of a spy swap.

In the fallout from the snap UK Election two of Theresa May's closest advisors failed to sell her vision and lost their jobs in the process.

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He and his daughter remain in critical condition following the March 4 nerve agent attack in England. Authorities haven't said what nerve agent was used.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to update lawmakers later Monday on the case.

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