Watch: Bosnian inventor builds collapsible car which turns into suitcase

A Bosnian inventor has built a collapsible car which folds into a suitcase.

Mechanical engineer Elvis Cero's Go City electric car is made from light-weight aluminium and can carry drivers weighing up to 100kgs.

"People who live in narrow streets, in big cities where there is no space, at any time they can take this vehicle out. They don't need a garage, this car can be parked anywhere inside a house," Mr Cero said.

The collapsing process takes around three minutes and has enough power to keep running for five hours.

"We showed that it is possible to build a vehicle that can be folded easily, reduced 10 times in size, and at the same time be very functional," he said.

The prototype, developed during his free time over two years, is being financed by his employer, Mostar.

The company is working towards mass production of the vehicle in the future.