Watch: Boeing's beleaguered 737 Max makes touch and go landing in US test flight

A Boeing 737 Max jet made a brief appearance at Kansas City International Airport as part of a test flight.

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The airline maker has conducted over 1100 test flights with updated software, following deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Source: Associated Press

KMBC recorded video of the jet making a quick landing and then taking off again.

Boeing says the test flight started and ended at Boeing Field in Seattle.

Boeing has flown more than 1,100 test flights with the updated software on the Max, totalling about 2,100 hours.

Until last week, all the flights were conducted in Washington state. The most recent test flight was designed to test the software in different weather and altitudes.

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Boeing finds new problem with 737 Max warning light software

The company and the Federal Aviation Administration have not yet scheduled a certification test flight, a key milestone that Boeing must pass before the plane is allowed to carry passengers.

The jet has been grounded since March after deadly crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.