Watch: The bizarre moment a man takes his pet lion for a night-time drive in Pakistan




A Pakistani man has been arrested for taking his pet lion for a night time drive. 

Business man Saqlain Javed was arrested by police in Karachi, reports Reuters. 

It's not unusual for wealthy people in Pakistan to own exotic animals, with some even creating private zoos. 

Mr Javed had a licence to own and breed lions, but isn't allowed to take them out on the streets. 

The footage shows a sleepy looking lion with one paw draped out the side of the vehicle, driving through heavy traffic in the city. 

Mr Javed was arrested for endangering life and public property after the footage went viral on social media. 

The lion has been returned to his home, and Mr Javed says he was just bringing the lion home after a visit to the vet. 

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