Watch: 'Barely the size of my hand' - Parents create moving video collage for miracle baby Clara born 23 weeks premature

Relieved British parents of a little girl born at 23 weeks have shared a moving video of their little girl's battle to live.

Baby Clara Healy was only 450g when her mother Sophie Cameron gave birth to her by an emergency cesarean section back in March.

"She was barely the size of my hand. We could see through her - she was still translucent," Clara's father Corey Healy told the Daily Record.

"We were told to take it one day at a time.

"We weren't allowed to touch her because of worries about infection and stuff like that.

"We could go down and see her as often as we wanted to. But we were looking at her through a box.

"It was three weeks before we even got to touch her."

Doctors had warned her parents that she would face a raft of struggles.

"I can't pinpoint a specific point when things changed but there was a day when she was only 2lbs and one of the doctors said they were worried she wasn't putting on weight quickly enough," says her dad.

"At first she was sleeping most of the time. Then she started opening her eyes and stuff like that.

"I don't think she was smiling on her own accord but she made twitches and stuff like that which kept us going.

Little Clara is now six months old and weighs nine pounds.

"People don't believe how old she is.

"We want to make people aware that these kind of things can happen."