Watch: Autistic girl meets her future service dog for the first time, a moment four years in the making




An autistic Canadian girl overcome with emotion has met her future service dog for the first time which was four years in the making. 

The video was shared by her father Dave Mercer, a professional angler and TV host, to his Facts of Fishing Facebook page and has been viewed over 17,000 times. 

The white shepherd named Luna, sits on Cadance's lap, who can't stop crying as she pats and nestles her head against the 11 week old puppy. 

"Ever wonder what tears of joy look like?," Mr Mercer wrote.

"It was fours yearrs in the making, countless applications across North America with rejection after rejection but my wife never gave up hope because we just knew that this would make a life-changing difference for Cadance .

"She was beyond excited and realised that she is worth every effort it took to get her." 

The Mercer family hopes to have her home in December this year. 

A fan of Mr Mercer's television show commented on the video, saying the special moment truly outshines any other.

"Dave, you are always saying that "Winning the Classic" is a life changing moment for the angler. I believe you have just experienced one for your family," Robert Miller commented. 

Others have congratulated the family on their newest fury addition. 

"Great to see. Both my kids are on the spectrum. I understand why you wanted to post this. Blessings to you and your family Dave," Stewart Bond said. 

Alicia Raytrowsky described the moment as "awesome", saying Cadance and the puppy "looks like they are already bonding well! It will be so worth all that effort!" 

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