Watch: Australia's PM roasts Donald Trump with mocking impersonation in leaked video he didn't know was being filmed




Leaked audio has revealed Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull launching into a satirical tirade impersonating US President Donald Trump at the Parliament Houses' Mid-Winter Ball last night.

9 NEWS political editor Laurie Oakes decided to release the off-the-record speech Mr Turnbull made to Canberra's press gallery, where Turnbull made fun of his meeting with Mr Trump. 

The US President attacked the media again today, prompting Malcolm Turnbull to quote Winston Churchill in response.
Source: 1 NEWS

"The Donald and I, we are winning and winning in the polls. We are winning so much. We are winning like we have never won before."

"We are winning in the polls. We are, not the fake polls. They're the ones we're not winning in. We're winning in the real polls. You know, the online polls," Mr Turnbull said to the laughing crowd. 

He even touched on the sensitive topic of alleged collusion between the Trump administration and Russia before the election. 

"They are so easy to win, I have this Russian guy."

The two men were reported to have had a huge disagreement regarding a refugee deal between Australia and Russia in February, where Mr Trump was reported to have ended the phone call by hanging up on Mr Turnbull. 

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