Watch: Australian mum and her dog chase alleged boat thief fumbling down Gold Coast canal

A one-man crime wave on Queensland's Gold Coast has led to comedic scenes in a suburban waterway.

A mother and her dog weren't about to give up a stolen dinghy without a fight after the alleged thief broke loose with her son’s boat.

"I thought, he's not going very fast, I think I might be able to catch this guy," Penelope Howard told Nine News.

Mobile phone footage reveals the alleged thief slowly making his way along the Mermaid Waters canals, Howard screaming after him to “turn around … and bring it back".

Howard and her dog then jumped in the water to give chase, although the fumbling man flooded the boat’s motor and could go no further.

The alleged offender, Ben Luke, 39, is also accused of having stolen a truck earlier before leaving it outside Howard’s property and trying to get away from the scene on foot.

Neighbours came to Howard’s aid, capturing the man until police arrived and took him into custody.