Watch: Aussie road rage driver comes off second best after throwing away $100 during heated confrontation




A heated dispute between two female drivers over a car park spot in Sydney has ended up with one of the participants accidentally losing $100.

The female driver accidentally lost the money when throwing a bottle of water at another motorist.

The expletive-laden encounter was captured on dashcam and uploaded to the Dash Cam Owners of Australia Facebook page overnight.

The footage shows a female driver waiting for a car park while an impatient driver honks her horn at her.

As the impatient driver makes her way past the now parked car, she can't resist hurling a nearly full bottle of water at the other driver, the unintended consequence of this being that she also threw $100 in cash out the window.

She then drives off as the woman in the parked car exclaims: "Did she just drop money?"

The caption in the video confirmed that she certainly did: "At Cabramatta today, ended up with $100 with a water bottle chucked at my windscreen hahaha."

The camera was showing an incorrect date. 

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