Watch: Audacious robber gets more than he bargained for after jumping woman at ATM




Two passersby have thwarted a robbery by helping catch a man who had taken money from a woman at an ATM in Zibo city, east China's Shandong Province.

The woman, only identified by her surname Zhang was withdrawing money from an ATM on Monday.

The audacious armed thief probably thought the woman was an easy target, but she had other ideas.
Source: Associated Press

Security camera footage showed the suspect sneaking into the booth, locking the door, grabbing the woman from behind, and pulling out a knife.

"Before the victim could realise what was going on, the suspect had already bolted the door and started demanding money from her," said Li Mingyue, a police officer at the Zichun Division of Zibo Municipal Public Security Bureau, while viewing the surveillance footage.

The woman struggled with the knife-wielding robber, trying her best to stop him from taking the cash.

"The confrontation between the suspect and the victim lasted about two minutes. We can see that the suspect had a knife in his hand," said Mr Li.

Then the suspect took the victim's money by force and tried to run off.

Following the suspect out onto the street, the woman called for help and alerted a couple who was passing by.

"The suspect threw the money on the ground, but the victim kept calling for help. At the time, a young couple was coming from the east," said Wang Keqiang, another police officer.

"The man stepped in to help the women catch the suspect, who was trying to run towards the west," he said.

"Fortunately, the victim's boyfriend was also near the scene and saw what was going on.

"They finally caught the robber." 

The suspect has been taken into custody.

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