Watch: Amazing video shows YouTube 'Santa' lifted off ground by giant drone




An American YouTuber may have created the ultimate holiday video after taking a ride on a drone capable of lifting him high into the air.

Casey Neistat, well-known from his YouTube channel, worked with Samsung to create a huge drone with 16 rotors, before heading to Finland to film the video.

"No one in the world sells a drone that can lift a human being - so we built our own," the video begins.

Neistat, dressed as Santa Claus, can be seen being pulled by the powerful device high into the air, up steep slopes and right over the top of buildings.

In the final shot, he launches right off the side of a hill, seemingly soaring above the clouds.

The video has been immensely popular online, gathering more than 500,000 views on YouTube within a few hours of being uploaded yesterday.

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