Watch: Amazing video shows man risking life to save rabbit from devastating wildfires



1 NEWS, Associated Press

A man has risked his life in the raging California wildfires to save the life of a rabbit on the side of a highway. 

This stunning act was captured on the 101 freeway in La Conchita.
Source: Reuters

The stunning act took place on the 101 freeway in La Conchita. 

An eye witness told Reuters the man "just pulled to the side of the road and jumped out" to rescue the rabbit, before he was told to move away by police.

The rabbit can be seen hopping at speed straight into the blaze and in sheer panic, the man jumps up and down, raising his hands to his head in fear for the rabbit's life. 

He tries to encourage the rabbit by shouting at the animal, who eventually resurfaces from the fire.

The man manages to grab the animal.

Southern California has been hit hard by four major fires that have put tens of thousands of people under evacuation orders and destroyed nearly 200 homes and buildings, a figure that is almost certain to grow.

Flames from the largest and most destructive Southern California wildfire churned toward coastal and mountain communities northwest of Los Angeles on Thursday (local time), disrupting travel on a major highway and triggering more evacuations.

A more favorable wind forecast still called for potentially dangerous gusts, but ones not likely to approach historic levels forecasters had feared, according to the National Weather Service.

"This is good news for the fire crews as the winds will not be driven quite as vigorously," a weather service statement said.

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