Watch: 'Alice! No, let go' Mum turns to see daughter, 2, dangling from automatic garage door

One Texas mum has learned the hard way that you can never turn your back on your young children.

A CCTV video, uploaded to Youtube last week by mum Erica Dilley, under the caption 'Mama can never turn her back!', catches the potentially fatal moment when her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter grabbed hold of the automatic garage door as it opened.

Going through the motions after returning from a walk, the CCTV video shows Erica leaving her baby in a pram with her patient dog on the driveway while she and her young daughter go to open the garage door. 

After pushing the button to open the door, Erica returns to the pram to fetch her baby out.

Meanwhile her daughter has grabbed onto the bottom of the opening door and begun ascending as the automatic door opens to around one-and-a-half metres. 

With the two-year-old giggling in mid-air, her mum can be heard yelling, "'Alice! No, let go!", as she turns to see her daughter.

The video gained notoriety after Ellen DeGeneres shared it on Instagram, where it has been viewed another 16 million times.