Watch: '23 years!' Aussie driver with no license for over two decades leaves Aussie cop in tears with magic response




A woman in Australia has been caught driving without a licence, after getting away with it for it over two decades. 

The hilarious interaction with the woman and a police officer appeared on Australia's Channel 7 Highway Patrol. 

The good-spirited woman told the officer her husband had died last year and she had been trying to get the car put in her name, but unfortunately did not have a licence to do that.

When asked how long she had been driving without one, she pointed at her daughter who was aged 23. 

"Twenty-three years driving without a licence... This is the first time in my entire life [I've been pulled over]," she said. 

"You're such a good constable."

The officer looked shocked saying, "I shouldn't laugh". 

"To have someone for 23 years driving without a licence and obviously never had a ticket or been intercepted by police, for any purpose, is amazing. It's not right, but it's an amazing effort."

The woman received a $200 fine. The footage was posted to Facebook on October 10. 

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