Warning: This might make you cry! Shy dog doesn't recogise owner after two years on Argentina's streets ...until she sniffs

The heart warming moment a shy dog suddenly bursts with joy as she recognises her owner after being separated for two years has been caught on camera at an animal shelter in Argentina. 

A person dropped off the dog, named Pakita, to the Arca Animal refuge and claimed they found her wondering the streets in their neighbourhood.

Last month, volunteer Silvia Ferreyraand took to social media to try and find Pakita a loving home but taking a photo of her proved to be a difficult task as she would often cower and hide away.

After the post Ms Ferreyraand told The Dodo website the shelter received "a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son's and that he had been looking for her!" 

The next day, the woman's son arrived at the shelter to reunite with his long lost pet and Ms Ferreyraand decided to capture the emotional moment on camera. 

In the video, at first, Pakita hides behind a staff member but finally bravely approaches the man.

But she recognise doesn't him, until eventually smelling his scent. And, as the video shows, the rest is history.