Volvo Ocean Race boats gathering valuable sea plastic pollution data

Boats in the gruelling Volvo Ocean Race will be equipped with sensors to gather valuable information on the state of our oceans.

The race covers 72,000 kilometres of ocean, giving plenty of space to collect data.

"The really nice thing that the Volvo Ocean Race is doing is measuring things like marine plastics and water observations that are so hard for us to get through other means," Mike Williams from NIWA said.

The boats will be fitted with sensors and stainless steel filters to capture environmental data, including sea temperature, salinity, wind speed and the amount of plastic in the water.

The research is important as it's estimated there will be more plastic than fish by 2050.

The data will be analysed by scientists on board and in a lab. Valuable information that could help keep our planet on the right course.

Sensors will help the yachts map the state of the planet’s oceans. Source: 1 NEWS

Watch: Elderly driver launches vehicle over parked car in spectacular crash

A car has been filmed speeding through a parking lot, before launching spectacularly over a parked car in Melbourne, Australia.

The dramatic footage was captured by the dashcam of the parked vehicle which was crashed into by the errant 96-year-old driver outside the Warringal Private Hospital in Heidelberg.

The video has had nearly 500,000 views since being posted to the Dash Cam Owners of Australia Facebook page yesterday.

"Visiting a mate in hospital tonight, thought I'd found a great car park right out front," the Facebook video was captioned.

"Next thing I know my rego is being called over the PA. I go out to find police, fireys and ambulances everywhere.

"Luckily nobody was killed. 96-year-old-driver taken to hospital."

Australia's Nine News reports the 96-year-old driver of the car was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital with leg injuries, where he remains in a stable condition.


Watch: 1 NEWS meteorologist Dan Corbett 20 years ago on BBC News' first ever broadcast

BBC Weather tweeted a clip of their BBC News Channel's first broadcast from 20 years ago, featuring 1 NEWS' very own meteorologist Dan Corbett. 

"Remember when the graphics looked like this," the Tweet read.

Mr Corbett gives the weather for Britain donned in a large yellow-based tie, and predicts rain and gales.

"Not the best of days for that trip to the park," he said. 

BBC Three commented: "The tie is 10/10", with BBC Weather replying: "The nineties are back in a big way - we're going to root through the wardrobe to see if we can find it."

BBC Meteorologist Matt Taylor wrote: "We all love (and miss) Daniel Corbett too!". 

Mr Corbett moved to New Zealand in 2011, working for MetService for three years before joining the team at 1 NEWS.