Video: 'I would like a job with Google' - seven-year-old girl gets response to letter from Google CEO



Associated Press

A seven-year-old girl from the English town of Hereford has received a job reply from the CEO of technology company Google after sending the company a letter expressing her desire to work there.

The parents of Chloe Bridgewater were "shocked" when they saw the personal reply from Google chief Sundar Pichai.

"And the reaction following this has been just as shocking, if not even more, it's been crazy," said Andrew Bridgewater, Chloe's father.

Chloe, who is passionate about robots and computers, sent the letter to Google's offices in Silicon Valley last Monday.

The reply came four days later.

In his reply, Mr Pichai told Chloe to "keep working hard and following your dreams."

The letter went viral after Chloe's father posted it on networking site LinkedIn - reaching more than 10 million views.

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