Video: Twenty children dead after school collapses in Mexico City following huge 7.1 magnitude quake




Mexico's president says 20 children and two adults have died after a school in Mexico City collapsed following the 7.1 earthquake which struck Mexico today.

It's not clear whether the deaths are already included in the overall toll of at least 149 across the country.

President Enrique Pena Nieto visited the school today. He said in comments broadcast online by Financiero TV that 30 children and eight adults were still reported missing.

The school concerned is the Enrique Rebsámen elementary school, the Guardian has reported.

Eleven children have been rescued from the rubble.

A section of the school, which is reported to be four storeys high, collapsed during the earthquake, trapping students and teachers inside. 

Dozens of rescue workers continue to search the building debris for the children.

It is believed 400 students attend the school.

The building is just one of many which have collapsed following the quake which struck 123 kilometres southeast of Mexico City at around 1pm local time.

At least 44 buildings have been destroyed across Mexico from the earthquake.

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