Video: Sydney bus driver who drove 23 kids into path of a semi-trailer loses licence




A Sydney bus driver who drove 23 children into the path of a semi-trailer on the busy M5 motorway, has been disqualified from driving for two years.

Kazem Afkhamisaddoghi, 60, cannot hold a licence for the next two years and will need to get a medical clearance if he ever reapplies following his conviction for dangerous driving in Liverpool Local Court yesterday.

He was also placed on a good behaviour bond.

Footage of the incident in June showed the school bus pulling off a service road into the path of the semi, before the truck jack-knifed in a cloud of white smoke.

"He seemed to have little regard for the fact that this was a busy highway," magistrate Bernard Kennedy said.

"The truck driver took very quick evasive action and prevented what could have very easily been death or very serious injury."

The bus driver's solicitor said his client's limited English meant he misunderstood GPS instructions and drove onto an off-ramp for a weighbridge and the tolling authority's building.

When he realised his mistake, he went back the way he'd come before trying to re-enter the peak hour traffic at the start of the off-ramp.

He noticed a small gap ahead of the semi.

"It was a miracle it wasn't a major accident," defence counsel Fady Karnib said.

Mr Karnib attempted to have the matter dealt without a conviction but Mr Kennedy said it was too serious.

The court heard Afkhamisaddoghi lost his job over the bus incident before completing a traffic offenders program.

"He learnt a lot ... he learned about the responsibility of driving," Mr Karnib said.

Outside court, Afkhamisaddoghi wiped his eyes as he told reporters he was sorry for the crash.

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