Video: Surfer's hilarious reaction as he watches video of himself being body slammed by dolphin on Gold Coast

A surfer on Australia's Gold Coast has put on a show for the cameras as he watched in near-disbelief at smartphone video showing himself being body slammed by a dolphin off the beach.

"You see that?" dolphin-struck Sam Yoon said, reacting to the footage, straight after the encounter.

"He landed on my head, shoulder and the back. It was like full on," Mr Yoon said.

"I knew that he realised he's [the dolphin] gotta do something too and I was like 'f***, there's no way I can get away from this'".

Mr Yoon emerged miraculously unscathed from the close encounter at Duranbah earlier this week.

Incredulous onlookers who witnessed the spectacle captured the remarkable scene on video.

Ohhhhh it just hit that guy! - Witness

One witness can be heard exclaiming in disbelief, "Ohhhhh it just hit that guy! No way!".

Mr Yoon wasn't injured in the incident and continued to surf for a while afterwards.

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