Video: Smoke fills Aussie Jetstar flight's cabin, giving passengers one almighty fright



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A Jetstar flight from Sydney to Cairns was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Brisbane last night after smoke started to fill the cabin.

Video taken on the flight shows a haze of smoke filling the cabin. 

Flight attendants are seen hurrying about the cabin as passengers begin to look around, seemingly sensing something is not quite right on their flight.

Witnesses on the flight say some passengers wrapped clothes around their faces in an effort to prevent breathing in the smoke, The Courier Mail reports.

"It was pretty scary, just as we flew over Narrabri smoke started to fill the cabin and there was a scraping and grating noise," passenger Nick Trompf told the Mail.

"There was significant concern among the cabin crew," he said.

The Mail says it is understood one of the plane's engines had to be switched off during the flight in a bid to stop the smoke.

The plane landed in Brisbane at 8pm NZT. 

Jetstar says the the aircraft had a "technical issue with one of its engines".

"The aircraft had a normal landing in Brisbane where it will be inspected by engineers to understand the cause of the issue," a spokesman said.

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