Video: 'This is silly, next' – persistent reporter in heated verbal exchange with Sean Spicer over Trump



Associated Press

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer got into a heated exchange with a reporter on today.

The White House press secretary soon became tired with reporter Jared Rizzi's persistence.
Source: APTN

After a question by Sirius XM radio reporter Jared Rizzi about the president choosing to tweet on selected topics over others, Mr Spicer reacted by saying his comment was the "the silliest thing I've ever heard."

Mr Rizzi had questioned the press secretary on why Donald Trump had decided to tweet about the decision of a department store to drop his daughter Ivanka's clothing and accessory range, but not in the aftermath of the attack on a mosque in Quebec that killed six people.

Mr Spicer reacted by saying that he had opened his press briefing the day after by expressing the president's condolences, which he claimed was more important than a tweet.

Mr Rizzi also sparred with Mr Spicer over President Trump's tweets about the US Federal Judge that suspended the administration's executive order enforcing a travel ban on seven countries.

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