Video shows rocket exploding on Israel highway, after top Palestinian militant killed

The Israeli military says it has killed an Islamic Jihad commander in an airstrike at his Gaza City home.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the top Palestininian, Bahaa Abu el-Atta, was planning a new attack. The 42-year-old's wife was also killed.

Netanyahu says he was the driving force behind recent attacks against Israel and was a "ticking time bomb."

The Israeli strike set off a furious barrage of dozens of rocket attacks that reached as far north as the Tel Aviv heartland. Islamic Jihad vowed further revenge. Israel reportedly targeted an Islamic Jihad commander in Syria, also today.

BBC published video of a rocket they say was launched from the Gaza Strip onto a motorway in Israel.

It's a rare resumption of pinpointed targeting that threatens a new cross-border round of violence with Palestinian militants.

Israel's military has ordered residents across much of the country to stay indoors and avoid large gatherings for the rest of the day.

The instructions issued today indicate that the military expects heavy rocket fire out of Gaza to continue for some time.

The military's Home Front Command also cancelled school and university studies and "non-essential" jobs throughout southern Israel. It limited public gatherings to no more than 100 people in closed spaces.

It cancelled classes and limited public gatherings to 300 people in the Tel Aviv area, which is farther from the Gaza border. It said non-essential work could continue but only if near a bomb shelter.