Video: Sheriff drives through hellish landscape during California wildfires




Alarming video has emerged of a sheriff driving through flames in northern California where wildfires are destroying thousands of properties.

Officials say 17 people have so far died in the fires, and thousands of properties have either been damaged or totally destroyed.

The Sonoma County Sheriff department posted a dashcam video on Facebook taken by one of its deputies, showing the hellish scene as he drove through an area wreathed in flame.

"This particular stretch of roadway was in the area of Franz Valley Rd at the onset of the fire's entrance to Sonoma County," the post read.

"This is but one moment in a series of moments that will end up defining the strength of our community through what will be a pinnacle moment in Sonoma County history.

"Please be safe, be calm, and be caring for your neighbors ... we will get through this disaster together!"

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