Video: Peru volcano comes to life spewing ash and smoke into the air



Associated Press

The Sabancaya volcano, in the Arequipa region of Peru, made a comeback overnight, after a series of explosions sent ash and smoke up into air.

Ash from the Sabancaya volcano travelled up to 3500m into the sky.
Source: Associated Press

The ash and smoke travelled as far as 3,500 metres into the sky, covering a radius of a little over 30 kilometres in distance, according to the country's Volcanic Risk Management Technical-Scientific Committee.

The neighbouring areas of Cabanaconde, Tapay, Lari, Madrigal, Pinchollo, Maca and parts of Achoma were affected.

An earlier explosion by the same was registered late last Friday when Sabancaya sent a plume of smoke as far as 2,500 metres into the sky.

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