Video: Officials investigate burned out wreckage of Tesla vehicle after fatal crash in Florida



Associated Press

A US federal safety agency is investigating a severe crash and fire involving a Tesla electric car that killed two teenagers in Florida.

The investigation will focus on the lithium-ion battery which can catch fire and burn rapidly in a crash.
Source: Associated Press

The National Transportation Safety Board said a four-person team will focus on the emergency response to the post-crash fire in the battery of a Tesla Model S in Fort Lauderdale.

The agency does not expect Tesla's semi-autonomous Autopilot system to be a part of the investigation.

It's the second time in the past two months that the agency has investigated a Tesla fire.

A probe is under way into a fire in a Tesla Model X SUV that crashed on a freeway near Mountain View, California, on March 23.

Lithium-ion batteries like those used by Tesla can catch fire and burn rapidly in a crash, although Tesla has maintained its vehicles catch fire far less often than those powered by gasoline.

Police say the Tesla in Fort Lauderdale with three teenagers inside crashed into a wall and caught fire on Tuesday evening (local time).

Two 18-year-olds were trapped and died when the car became engulfed in flames, police told WPLG-TV.

Another teen was thrown from the car and was taken to a hospital where his condition was unknown.

One witness said the Tesla was being driven fast and spun out of control.

He said he tried to help but the fire was too intense to get the teenagers out of the car.

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