Video: Multiple tornadoes cause widespread devastation in eastern China



Associated Press

Tornadoes hit parts of east China provinces over the weekend, damaging houses and cutting off power supplies to thousands of houses in the neighborhood, though no casualties were reported.

Trees, roofs and powerlines were no match for the power of Mother Nature.
Source: Associated Press

In Youxi County of east China’s Fujian Province, the devastating tornado with a speed of more than 20 meters per second lasted for about half an hour yesterday.

The tornado accompanied by short thunderstorm snapped more than 100 trees in Xibin Township, affecting more than 200 families and caused waterlogging in many areas.

Thirteen high-voltage power lines were reported to be damaged in the county, affecting nearly 10,000 residents.

Tornadoes also hit Baoying County of east China’s Jiangsu, with more than 3,000 trees and dozens of utility poles being blown away in two worst-hit townships.

In addition, about 5000 houses were out of power.

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