Video: Man caught trying to 'kill' mannequin with a hammer in US police sting




A man appears to have fallen into a carefully laid trap by US police who were trying to catch the person that allegedly killed two homeless people as they slept on the street.

In footage released during the court case yesterday, Shane Schindler, 30, can be seen approaching a rubber mannequin that has been dressed up by police in a hooded jumper and black boots, before being covered in a floral blanket.

Mr Schindler then paces near the decoy, before repeatedly striking it with a hammer on February 22, according to reports from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The 30-year-old quickly seems to realise that he has just struck a mannequin and not a real person as he walks off with a confused look on his face.

The waiting police then spring into action, ordering Mr Schindler to the ground and arresting him on a concealed weapons charge and later attempted murder.

Mr Schindler has pleaded not guilty to the charges saying he knew it was a dummy before delivering the two blows.

The case is ongoing.

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