Video: As Kiwis swelter, UK temps plummet to -9C with lashing snow - and it's about to get worse




Kiwis basking in warm, sunny days of summer can spare a thought for their British cousins who're shivering through temperatures as low as minus five and trudging through 20 centimetres of snow.

And now Britain's Met Office is warning temperatures will plunge as low as minus nine overnight (which is right now NZT) and will make the UK's already wet roads treacherous, the Daily Mail reports.

Soldiers are evacuating people from their properties in some areas and homeowners are being told flooding is imminent as gale-force winds, snow, sleet and rain lash the UK.

There was travel chaos across the Isles during the day, with London and Kent under 20 centimetres of snow at rush hour, bringing roads to a standstill and halting trains as stations which were closed due to adverse weather.

Passengers were left stranded as Heathrow Airport cancelled 80 flights, and four were grounded at Gatwick Airport, leaving passengers furious, the Daily Mail reported.

'Yellow weather warnings' have now been issued across much of the UK, with more than 60 flood warnings across the country, many calling on residents to take 'immediate action', it reported.

Gale force winds are combining with high tides to create large waves that could carry dangerous debris including rocks, authorities have warned.

The high winds have already caused widespread problems to roads and rail networks and thousands of properties have been left without power.

And it's now over yet with forecasters warning the heavy snow is set to spread wider over the next two days.

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