Video: Iraq's Prime Minister pays visit to his troops in Mosul after defeat of ISIS



Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been celebrating with Iraqi troops in Mosul after they drove ISIS militants from some of their last strongholds in a nearly nine-month campaign.

But heavy fighting by holdouts continues in parts of the Old City neighborhood near the Tigris River.

A smiling al-Abadi walked among the soldiers, at one point grabbing an Iraqi flag and briefly draping it across his shoulders. 

Other troops waved flags and pointed their weapons in the air nearby.

Al-Iraqia TV quoted him congratulating "the heroic fighters and the people on the big victory" in Iraq's second-largest city.

Islamic State militants now control less than a mile of territory in the shattered city, but they are using human shields, suicide bombers and snipers in a fight to the death.

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