Video: Hundreds more Rohingya refugees arrive by boats in Bangladesh as crisis continues



Associated Press

The influx of Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar continuest with hundreds more arriving by boats yesterday, including women and young children.

The boatmen who brought the refugees into Bangladesh were tied together and detained for questioning.
Source: Associated Press

Among them was eight months pregnant Anowara Begum from Mongdu, exhausted after making the perilous journey .

Seventy-year old Hamida Khatun, who fled with her three daughters and grandchildren, said their houses had been "destroyed by fire and there was nothing left behind".

The boatmen who had brought the fleeing Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh were tied together and detained by the Bangladesh Border Guards for questioning.

More than half-a-million Rohingya refugees have fled from the region to Bangladesh in just over a month, the largest refugee crisis to hit Asia in decades.

The current exodus is in addition to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled prior violence in Myanmar, where Rohingya have faced decades of persecution and discrimination in the Buddhist-majority nation.

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