Video: Homes turned to ash - first footage emerges from inside London tower blaze



Associated Press

The Metropolitan Police have released videos from inside the charred Grenfell Tower in London, which show in close detail how the fire devastated the 24-story building that once housed up to 600 people in 120 apartments.

Police have released the first video from inside the building where 58 people are confirmed to have died.
Source: Associated Press

One scene shows a burnt-out elevator on an undisclosed floor of the public housing project that was ravaged in Wednesday's inferno, while another shows an apartment that was reduced to rubble and white ash.

Fifty-eight people are confirmed or presumed dead in the fire and authorities fear that death toll will rise.

Two British ministers said Sunday that the new exterior cladding used in a renovation on Grenfell Tower may have been banned under U.K. building regulations. Police are investigating.

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