Video of hidden, makeshift dorm room reveals the part of Sydney Airport you've never seen until now




Forget the welcome signs, warm temperatures and duty free shopping, new video that's emerged out of Australia reveals an unpolished side of Sydney Airport you're never likely to see in real life.

Footage published on Facebook by Australia's Transport Workers' Union (TWU) shows mattresses, bedding and personal items of airport workers, employed by airport contractor Aerocare, in a concrete basement-like, staff only area of the airport.

Some Aerocare workers sleep in the area, next to a baggage carousel, to save spending money getting home between long shifts, the TWU claims in a story broadcast by ABC's 7.30 programme yesterday.

"We get pushed to our limits. Our pay doesn't match it," airport driver and Aerocare employee George Orsaris told ABC.

"We don't get rest breaks and we get given a four-hour shift in the morning and then we have a four-or-five-hour break and get a four-hour shift in the afternoon," he said.

TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon criticised Aerocare, saying it had mostly permanent, part-time employment contracts that are "deficient, they are unethical".

However, Aerocare refutes Mr Sheldon's claims, telling ABC that 97 per cent of its employees voted for the company's current bargaining agreement.

"Aerocare has invested millions of dollars to improve the quality of its rostering so as to maximise the duration of shifts, with the goal of securing more contracts which would enable Aerocare to offer employees longer shifts and further viable full-time positions," an Aerocare spokesman told ABC.

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