Video: 'I have never been as scared' – Kiwi caught up in Mexico's massive quake




A New Zealander who is in Mexico City has spoken about the terror of being caught up in the 7.1 earthquake that struck today. 

Vanessa French had just arrived in Mexico City when the 7.1 earthquake struck the city.
Source: 1 NEWS

Vanessa French had just arrived at her accommodation in Mexico City when the earthquake struck just after lunch time (local time).

"Suddenly the windows started rattling," she said.

Ms French told 1 NEWS the quake "just didn't stop. It got stronger and stronger" and was "quite violent".

She said she's been in many earthquakes, but none were as terrifying as today's.

"I have never been as scared as I was with this one. This one I was pretty frightened and [I was] shaking for quite a while afterwards."

At least 79 people have been killed in the earthquake and many buildings have been destroyed.

It is unknown how many people are trapped following the quake.

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