Video: Gigantic flames shock commuters as apocalyptic wildfires surround busy California freeway



Associated Press

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says at least four and possibly six homes have been destroyed by a wildfire in the city's Bel Air area.

The wildfires have destroyed at least four homes as it moves closer to more neighbourhoods.
Source: Associated Press

The fire erupted before dawn today (NZT) in Sepulveda Pass, a major commuter route between the west side of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley to the north.

The fire burned up hillsides on the east side of the pass into expensive neighborhoods that are now under evacuation orders.

The mayor says the fire is now 150 acres with zero containment.

Some 500 firefighters are battling the fire along with water-dropping helicopters and airplanes laying down streams of fire retardant.

The dangerous Santa Ana winds that have fanned fires across Southern California this week have diminished over the new LA fire but conditions are very dry, with just 9 percent relative humidity.

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