Video: Fury over German insurance giant's HAKA ad, labelled a 'trivialisation of a sacred piece of culture'




A German insurance company is receiving backlash for featuring a haka in its latest advertising campaign.

ARAG Group's latest ad campaign features a television advertisement showing hundreds of people in Germany performing a haka in the street.

Hundreds of negative comments have emerged on ARAG Group's social media profiles, with one person labelling the advert as a "trivialisation of a sacred piece of culture".

"As a New Zealand Maori living in Germany I am deeply offended by this," wrote one person.

Another said it was "wrong and innapropriate", while others described it a "embarrassing".

On their Youtube channel ARAG responded to a comment saying haka inspired the video's choreography.

"People encourage one another to meet the challenged of the future while using haka elements. With its rhythm, impressive gestures and facial expressions and determination, haka is ideally suited to bring our messages across."

ARAG said it worked with a "haka-specialist" when creating the video in order to "treat haka appropriately and reasonably."

On Facebook a woman said that although the "intentions were good, the execution failed".

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