Video: Fierce fire kills two at makeshift camp for migrant workers in Italy



Associated Press

A new fire broke out today in a makeshift camp for seasonal workers in southern Italy, where a blaze overnight killed two men from Mali.

It is not known how the fire was started.

It was not clear what caused the second fire.

Prosecutors in Foggia do not believe the first fire, which burned down much of an area known as the "great ghetto" overnight yesterday and Thursday, was arson, according to Ansa news agency.

Investigators believe it may have been started by a heater or stove, with migrants often leaving both appliances on overnight to keep warm.

The encampment was in the process of being dismantled when the first blaze hit and quickly engulfed hundreds of wooden structures.

Authorities had begun tearing down the camp housing hundreds earlier this week.

Hundreds of wooden shacks were burnt to the ground by the fire that spread rapidly through the camp.

A spokesman for the firefighters said their work at putting out the fire was hampered by the many flammable fuel tanks in the camp used for heaters and stoves.

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