Video: Father of Aussie snowboarder caught in terrifying avalanche brought to tears during TV interview




The father of an Australian snowboarder who was swept down a mountainside during an avalanche in Canada shed tears talking about the incident on Australian television.

Tom Oye posted video of the near death moment in Whistler, British Columbia on Facebook yesterday where it's since been viewed more than 3 million times.

Speaking with Australia's Channel Ten, Mr Oye's father, Peter Oye, became emotional talking about watching his son's video from back home in Adelaide.

"The more you see it the more you realise how lucky he was," Peter Oye said.

"I love him and his whole family loves him and take it easy and can't wait to see you again," he said.

During the terrifying fall, Tom Oye inflates his backpack, specifically designed to keep skiers and snowboarders near the surface in an avalanche. It was given to him as a present by his family.

"I thought oh my god, thank goodness he had that backpack," his aunt, Derilyn Oye told Channel Ten.

Mr Oye's sister also told the broadcaster she had a "panic attack" watching the avalanche footage.

"I actually had a panic attack. I just burst into tears instantly and couldn't breathe," Alicia Oye said.

"He'll give anything a go. He gives it a crack, he usually does really well."

A fellow snowboarder quickly came to Mr Oye's aid after the incident. He was unhurt.

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