Video: Enormous condor nursed back to health by Argentinian rancher runs to give his friend a hug




A South American rancher who helped an injured condor back to health has shared a touching moment where he gives his former pet a cuddle.

The man is a farmer in the Loncopue area of Argentina, LMN reports, and he nursed the immense bird back to health after finding it in his yard injured and unable to fly in March.

Since then, the bird - which is a very large variety of vulture - has healed nicely and begun to fly and hunt again on its own.

The man, identified only as Edgardo, told the news outlet the bird is returning to him less and less often but he still sees it occasionally.

The video widely seen online was taken when the bird was still unable to fly and was being nursed to health, LMN reported.

Condors can have a wingspan of up to up to 3.1 metres and can weigh up to 15kg.

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