Video: Distressed elephants team up for incredible rescue of calf struggling in zoo enclosure's pool




A pair of adult elephants have carried out a heart-stopping rescue of a drowning calf, with enclosure footage capturing their incredible teamwork and co-ordination.

The young elephant was walking with one of the adults along the edge of a large pool in its enclosure at Grand Park Zoo in Seoul when it decided to stop for a drink, the Mail Online reported. 

But the calf's over-eagerness led to it slipping in the pool, prompting an immediate panicked response from the nearby adult as it watched the infant struggle to keep its mouth and trunk above the surface.

Help soon arrived as the other adult elephant in the enclosure came over at the distressing noise, with the pair of adults opting to enter the shallow end of the pool to rescue the calf.

A third adult in a neighbouring enclosure can also been seen pacing back and forth in distress as it's unable to help the situation.

With the pair of fully-grown elephants in the water, they immediately got to work on their rescue, situating themselves either side of the calf and guiding it towards the shallow end of the pool to exit the water.

The dazed infant eventually reached dry land and understandably kept a fair distance from the water's edge once it had.

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