Video: Baby wakes from coma after parents fought doctors to keep her on life support




A French baby has woken from a coma after doctors threatened to switch off her life support.

Doctors at Marseille's la Timone Hospital believed one-year-old Marwa would never wake up after she was struck down with a virus, requiring her to be put into a medical-induced coma in September.

Her parents put up a fight and took the case to court, demanding to keep their daughter alive for as long as possible.

They started an online petition which received more than 115,000 signatures, as well as a fund raising page to help with legal and medical fees.

Meanwhile, thousands of people around the world sent messages of love and support on social media.

"May you and your family be blessed. Prayers for a full recovery for your precious baby girl," one person wrote on Facebook.

After defying all odds, Marwa woke up after the family had been granted a two-month extension, European media are reporting.

Marwa's parents posted a video of their baby girl on Facebook after she came out of the coma, thanking people for their support.

"I would like to thank you all for your support and your prayers. A big thank you also to the people who moved to the hospital with small gifts for Marwa," they said.

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