Video: Angry passenger manhandles American Airlines pilot for being 'disrespectful'




An off-duty pilot was assaulted for "taking up too much room" and being "disrespectful" while travelling on a flight by another passenger. 

US broadcaster ABC reports the incident between the two men at Kansas City International Airport in Missouri happened on April 12.

Passenger Edward Foster followed the pilot through an American Airlines gate to try to take a picture of the pilot with his cellphone.

It was knocked from his hand while the pilot tried to cover his badge. 

Foster then pushed the pilot and made him trip over his own luggage. 

After the altercation police intervened. 

Foster said the pilot was "taking up too much room on the aircraft and being disrepectful", according to an incident report filed by the Kansas City International Airport Police Department.

ABC reported Foster has been charged with intentionally inflicting injury and is to attend court on May 16. 

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