Vanuatu volcano evacuees face two more weeks before going home



Associated Press

The 11,000 residents of a Vanuatu island who were evacuated from an erupting volcano will likely need to wait at least another two weeks before they can return home.

Eleven thousand people are being evacuated from Ambae island amid fears the volcano might blow in a major eruption.
Source: Reuters

Government ministers have decided to extend a state of emergency on Ambae island until October 24 even though the Manaro volcano has stabilised.

All the island's residents were moved by boats to surrounding islands in the Pacific archipelago in an evacuation effort that ended last week.

Government spokesman Hilaire Bule said today that officials need the extra time to check the island's water supplies and sanitation and to plan an orderly resettlement.

Officials have downgraded the volcano's activity to Level 3 on a scale in which Level 5 represents a major eruption. The volcano was at Level 4 during the evacuation.

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