Vandals cheekily add red noses to Banksy reindeer mural

On the side of a railway bridge in Birmingham, England is the newest addition by the mysterious street artist, Banksy. 

The artwork depicts a pair of reindeer spray painted on to the wall appearing as though attached to the bench beside it.  

Over three million people have viewed the video Banksy uploaded to Instagram attracting thousands in Birmingham to flock to see it. 

The red noses weren't on the original piece but were instead sprayed on by someone who jumped the fence surrounding the street art.  

To avoid further vandalism, Network Rail who are in charge of the area where the Banksy art sits have decided to place a clear plastic glass over the work.

"For us it touches a really poignant point for Birmingham and I think that was his intention anyway of his artwork," said a Network Rail worker told the BBC.

Titled "God Bless Birmingham" the Christmas themed piece highlights homelessness as they regularly sleep outside the station.  

"I think it's brilliant, a great addition to Birmingham's artwork and our culture itself, I mean for the homeless people themselves, it's a great awareness for everything. I think it's really good and as you can see it brought a lot of people out in Birmingham high spirits and everything else."