US woman accused of having fake firefighter husband to scam people for donations

An American woman is suspected of making up a firefighter husband to scam people into giving her thousands of dollars that she said would be donated to Cal Fire crews battling wildfires in the state.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department are investigating her and say the San Clemente woman, Ashley Bemis, 28, received $11,000 worth of donations in cash and gifts.

On August 10 Bemis posted on the San Clemente Facebook page that she would be delivering food and other items needed by her husband and other California Department of Foresty and Fire protection firefighters and she requested the public's help.

She wrote in a post “Shane works for Cal Fire and is out on the Holy Fire right now."

“I also have two other family members and many friends out in the fire and other fires burning here in California. I received a text today from Shane saying it’s pretty much a living hell out there battling the unpredictable Holy Hell Fire,” reported the Los Angeles Times

The Facebook post has since been deleted.

Community members in the Facebook group, including one who was a Cal Fire employee said they had suspicions about the woman and reported her to the police.

Carrie Braun a spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff’s department said: "A Cal Fire employee ran the name ‘Shane Goodman’ in an internal database and learned that the person is not a Cal Fire employee.”

Investigators have interviewed Bemis , several people who donated to her and the owners of businesses where Bemis collected donations.

She hasn't been arrested or charged.

Chicago priest removed after burning rainbow flag, angering LGBT community

The archbishop of Chicago has removed a priest as head of a North Side church after he burned a rainbow banner, angering the LGBT community.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Cardinal Blase Cupich announced Rev Paul Kalchik's removal in a recent letter to parishioners and staff at the Resurrection Catholic Church.

Cupich said he acted "out of concern" for Kalchik and parishioners. He said the 56-year-old priest needed "time away from the parish to receive pastoral support."

Kalchik told the newspaper on Friday that he's not anti-gay and that he was "about as much of a gay basher as Mother Teresa."

An archdiocese spokeswoman told the paper Saturday that the priest's removal wasn't "directly due" to banner's destruction and had been "in the works."

Man in popes garment holding holy bible. Adobe RGB for better color reproduction.



'Wasn't at 3.30 this morning' - Jacinda Ardern cracks a joke in response to suggestion baby Neve was peaceful

Jacinda Ardern has responded with a quip after baby Neve was praised for being peaceful during a panel appearance in New York.

The prime minister couldn’t let the host’s comment that the newborn was peaceful and “amazing” go unchecked.

“Wasn’t at 3.30 this morning,” Ms Ardern said dryly as the panel and audience laughed.

Earlier, the prime minister had discussed the portrayal of her an inspiration to women everywhere at the Social Good Summit.

Later this week she will address the United Nations' General Assembly. 

The prime minister responded to compliments about how peaceful Neve was with a quip about her baby’s restlessness the previous night. Source: 1 NEWS



'It was very scary' - deadly snake found in daughter's cot by Gold Coast mum

A Gold Coast mum was shocked to find the world's second-deadliest snake lounging in her baby's cot.

Aleisha Mitchley told 9NEWS her four-month-old daughter Sophie had been sleeping in the cot just an hour earlier.

"It was up around the bassinet, in her cot, it was all over," Ms Mitchley said.

"It was petrifying, I was very scared, I didn't know what to do."

It was an eastern brown snake - a highly venomous snake found widely throughout the eastern half of Australia.

Ms Mitchley was also shocked and alarmed to see that the snake was quite able to climb vertical objects.

"I couldn't believe it can climb, so it was climbing on through the window," she said.

"I'm trying to reach for my phone and stop my son from trying to go see the snake.

"It was very scary."

Brown snake venom is one of the most potent known, causing paralysis or muscle weakness, excessive bleeding, and brown snakes are the leading cause of snakebite deaths in Australia.

Aleisha Mitchley’s four-month-old Sophie thankfully wasn’t in bed at the time, but the Gold Coast mum still got a major shock. Source: Nine

Meghan Markle reveals secret about her wedding dress

It's an old tradition that a bride should have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on her wedding day, and the Duchess of Sussex followed at least part of that when she married Prince Harry.

The former Meghan Markle has revealed in a television documentary that she had a piece of blue fabric from the dress she wore on her first date with Harry sewn into her wedding dress.

She made the comments while discussing the dress in a documentary about Queen Elizabeth II called "Queen of the World." She didn't say whether she also embraced the rest of the tradition.

The clip was made public Sunday. The documentary will be broadcast at a later date. It deals with the queen's role as head of the Commonwealth.

The duchess described her May wedding on the grounds of Windsor Castle as a "magical day."

The American actress who starred in "Suits" married Harry on May 19 on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The "Queen of the World" will air in the UK on Tuesday.

The former US actress wore a silk dress designed by Givenchy. Source: Breakfast