US man finds $65,000 cash in armchair purchased from op-shop - and returns it

A man in the US has made quite the discovery, all while sitting in his well-loved armchair.

Michigan man Howard Kirby purchased an armchair from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore op-shop for NZ$52 only to find $65,000 in cash hidden inside one of the cushion’s on it.

Instead of keeping his amazing find, Mr Kirby contacted the store and let them know so they could contact its original owner.

The family who dropped the chair off at the op-shop said it belonged to their grandfather and they were stunned to learn of the discovery when contacted on Friday.

However, Mr Kirby says he plans on keeping the cushion. 

"That’s a $65,000 cushion,” he told op-shop manager Rick Merling.

Watch the amazing story in the ABC News report above.